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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Vanceer Electronics Limited. We're glad you're here. Please read this Terms and Conditions Agreement carefully before visiting or using Because this is such an important contract between us and our users, we have tried to make it as clear as possible.

These terms and conditions may be revised at any time by updating this posting. You should visit this page from time to time to review the current Terms of Service, last modified on March 16th, 2021.


All orders placed by Buyer are subject to acceptance by Seller. Orders may not be cancelled or rescheduled without Seller's written consent. All orders must include delivery dates, quantities, approved suppliers and a complete description of the products being purchased. Seller may designate certain products as non-cancelable, non-returnable ("NCNR") or customer specific ("CS") products due to obsolescence and/or non-standard features and/or other reasons. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, any order for such Products shall constitute a non-cancelable and non-reschedulable firm order and, except for returns made under the applicable manufacturer's warranty, the Products are non-returnable for any reason (including, without limitation, any force majeure). Most orders are final, and if products have not yet shipped, you may contact our customer service representatives to change order details, such as shipping destinations, splitting shipments, changing shipping times, and specifying combined shipments for multiple orders. Due to the special nature of such orders, Seller reserves the right to cancel any such NCNR or CS orders within 7 business days of receipt of Seller's order confirmation. The sale of NCNR or CS products may also be subject to special terms and conditions contained in Seller's special product agreements, which shall prevail over and supersede any inconsistent terms and conditions contained herein or elsewhere.


The price of the Products is the price set forth in Seller's invoice for the relevant Products. The price of undelivered products may increase if Seller's costs increase, market conditions change, or for any other reason beyond Seller's reasonable control. Unless otherwise stated, quotations are valid only as of the date of publication and may be changed by Seller thereafter without notice. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Seller, all prices quoted are exclusive of shipping and insurance charges, duties and all taxes, including but not limited to Goods and Services Tax or Value Added Tax. Buyer agrees to pay such taxes unless Seller agrees in writing that the sale is exempt from tax. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless from any liability for taxes associated with the sale and from the collection or withholding of taxes, including penalties and interest. When applicable, transportation and taxes shall appear as separate items on Seller's invoice.

Payment terms

All payments must be made in USD, Vanceer Electronics offers TT (bank transfer), Western Union, credit cards, PayPal

a) Seller may invoice each shipment separately and each shipment shall be considered a separate contract. Buyer agrees to pay Seller's invoices in full, without any deductions or offsets

b) In addition to the purchase price of the Products, transportation costs from Seller's facilities to Buyer's facilities shall be paid by Buyer to Seller, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Seller. In the absence of specific instructions from Buyer, Seller will select the carrier

C) Seller reserves the right to establish or change credit or payment terms when, in Seller's opinion, Buyer's financial condition or payment record permits. In the event of late payment, Seller shall not be obligated to continue to perform and/or carry out any further work under the contract for delivery of products/services or any other contract with Buyer; and if Buyer fails to perform any of its obligations to Seller or Buyer fails to pay for the products/services provided, Seller may, without prejudice to other available remedies, cancel, suspend or terminate the contract for the products/services in question.

Possible costs for cancellation of orders

a) Orders paid by wire transfer,Different banks will charge a percentage fee for refunds. The buyer is responsible for paying possible fees, including wire transfer fees or exchange rates.The seller is advised to confirm the order information with the seller in advance before making a large bank transfer.

b) Orders are paid by PayPal or credit card .There will be no processing fee for refunds.

c) Orders are paid by electronic check, using a credit card.Different banks will charge a percentage fee for refunds. The buyer is responsible for paying possible fees, i.e. international transaction fees.


Seller will deliver your goods to the address specified in Buyer's order within a commercially reasonable period of time. Buyer acknowledges that the delivery dates provided by Seller are estimates only and that Seller shall not be responsible for delays in delivery or failure to perform due to events beyond Seller's reasonable control, nor shall the carrier be deemed to be Seller's agent. If such event results in a delay, the delivery date shall be extended by a period of time equal to the time lost due to the delayed delivery without any liability or penalty to Seller. Seller shall be deemed to have fully performed its obligations if the Products are lost while in Carrier's custody.

Title to the Products shall not pass to Buyer until Seller has received full payment for the Products and until then Buyer shall hold the Products as Seller's fiduciary agent or trustee and bailee and shall keep the Products separate from Buyer's goods and the goods of third parties, properly stored, protected, insured and identified as Seller's property, subject to the right to resell or use the Products in the ordinary course of Seller's business. Prior to the transfer of title to the Products to Buyer, Seller may require Buyer to return the Products, and if Buyer fails to return the Products, Seller may, upon request, immediately enter Buyer's premises to repossess the Products Buyer shall indemnify Seller for damages resulting from the repossession of the Products.It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the delivery address provided on the web form is correct and complete. Any additional shipping costs incurred due to incorrect address information will be borne by the buyer.

●Return / Refund Policy

If the Seller delivers a defective product, the Seller will accept a replacement or return of the product only if all of the following conditions are met.The seller assumes responsibility for problems with the products delivered by the seller, such as insufficient quantities, delivery of the wrong products, and obvious external defects (breakage, rust, etc.).The seller is informed of said defect within 60 days of delivery of the product.The product is unused and is only in the original unpackaged packaging.

*More details about Vanceer Electronics -Return Policy


Suppliers and customers must keep confidential all information they receive about the other party, except for information that is publicly available or authorized by the copyright owner. Customers or suppliers in connection with products/services purchased from the seller, unless otherwise agreed, and shall not disclose to any third party financial and sales information about the parties; information about business relationships or contracts, customer information.

●Scope of responsibility

in no event shall seller be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, lost savings or lost business opportunities) arising out of or in connection with any product, even if seller has been advised of the possibility of such damages. subject to the foregoing, in no event shall seller's liability in connection with any product exceed the purchase price of the product, regardless of the legal theory of such liability, whether in contract, tort, warranty or otherwise. you acknowledge that the amount payable for the product is based in part on these limitations, and you further agree that these limitations apply even if the underlying purpose of any limited remedy fails.

●Disclaimer of Warranties

any dealings with third parties (including advertisers), including dealings through the site or links to participating promotions, including the delivery of and payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings or promotions, are solely between you and the advertiser or other third party. vanceer electronics is not responsible for any such dealings or promotions Vanceer Electronics is not responsible for any part of any such transaction or promotion.


No course of dealing by either party or failure to strictly enforce any condition or term, right or condition of the contract between the parties shall be construed as a waiver of such term, right or condition, nor shall Seller's acceptance of the Purchase Order be deemed acceptance of any term and condition thereof.

*These terms and conditions ("Conditions") take precedence over Buyer's terms and conditions, including any supplemental or conflicting terms and conditions, to which notice of objection is hereby given. Buyer's acceptance is limited to these terms and conditions. Neither commencement of performance nor delivery by Seller shall be deemed to be or constitute acceptance of Buyer's supplemental or conflicting terms and conditions. Buyer's acceptance of Seller's delivery of products/services shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of these conditions.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of your order, or would like more information, Please send an email to

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