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Alternative Solutions

Vanceer Electronics not only provides customers with obsolete & common-used parts,but also offers innovative alternative solutions (cross-reference) and services for OEM,to meet their business goals and objectives, today and in the future.

We dedicate to working in partnership with its clients to deliver the optimum, cost-effective, alternative solutions and services the client needs, taking into account the future business requirements, goals and objectives.

Whether you are looking to locate stock of difficult to find components or simply attempting to reduce your components costs,our highly trained engineers will assist your procurement personnel offering engineering and alternative source solutions, thus avoiding costly supply chain interruptions due to long lead time, allocation or obsolescence issues,which can significant reductions in both administration costs and component stock holding whilst allowing the customer to focus on their core manufacturing skills. At the same time,we can also Find form-fit-function cross references, avoiding redesigns and providing multi-sourcing options that proactively help with engineers’ design decisions.

Both Original Equipment manufacturers and Contract Electronics manufacturers can save valuable resources by outsourcing their electronic component purchasing requirements to a third party component company such as Vanceer Electronics . In the meantime,Vanceer Electronics is able to help reduce unwanted excess inventory of components and parts that are no longer necessary for production.  We are happy to help alleviate an excess to avoid disruptions in the supply chain.

Why do we offer alternative solutions for electronic components (cross-referencing)?

Scarcity and obsolescence of electronic components, long lead times and high procurement costs are three major issues affecting suppliers and manufacturers of electronic equipment in the electrical and electronics industry.

For OEMs and contract electronics manufacturers, a suitable alternative can    

1. Avoid excessive lead times and optimize the supply chain to maintain smooth production

2.Resolve the anxiety and worry of finding obsolete and end-of-life products

3. Reduce procurement costs

4.  Mitigate Risk:Easily identify components at risk and gain an in-depth look into electronic component counterfeit risk, lifecycle statuses, inventory risk by Vanceer Electronics part risk analysis.

For electronic engineers and designers, a suitable alternative can    

1. Provide optional components when designing circuits

2. By allowing the use of alternative parts and components, it will also reduce the likelihood of component obsolescence

3. Avoid the expensive cost of redesign

Alternative Solution Process:

1. Submit the BOM

2. Online consultation

3. E-mail consultation 

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Our Advantage:

Quality control system:ISO9001:2015 Certified

Environmental compliance:ISO14001:2015 Certified

Cross references: 100,000 direct/similar replacement components.

Home > Excess Inventory Solutions
Excess Inventory Solutions

Why us?

We are not only a leading distributor of electronic components, we are also specialist in handling excess inventory, help monetise this normally resource-draining  liability.

Whether it is a semiconductor manufacturer, a mainland component distributor or a variety of OEMs and CEMs, end up with quantities of electronic components  that they either no longer need or have become outdated and obsolete.

What benefits are available?

  ●Free much-needed warehouse space

  ●Turn unwanted components into cash

  ●Balance your inventory levels

  ●Helps introduce new revenue streams into existing businesses.

Just send us your stock list today to customize a program best suitable your company, and we'll help you solve it quickly and hassle-free. Call us today,we will take  care of the rest.

Email Your Excess Stocklist<>

What do we purchase?

Following product categories of excess inventory:

   ●Circuit Protection


   ●Crystals and Oscillators


   ●Discrete Semiconductor Products


   ●Industrial Controls,Meters


   ●Integrated Circuits(ICs) and Semiconductors

   ●Magnetics - Transformer,Inductor Components

   ●Mory Cards,Modules

   ●Motors,Solenoids,Driver Boards/Modules


   ●Potentiometers,Variable Resistors

   ●Power Supplies

   ●Programmers,Development Systems

   ●Relays and Switches


   ●RF/IF and RFID



Whether your stock consists of excess parts left over after a completed production run, or a mixture of obsolete, end-of-life components, we    are here to help.

Our Workflow

Step1∨Send us your stocklist or inventory of electronic components

Step2∨Our specialist will appraise the value and condition of your stock,and give you the best offer available, for your entire lot or line item offer, usually within  24 hours.

Step3∨Choose the suitable solution you need.

a. Bulk Buy - an outright purchase,purchase your excess components in full

This program is a best idea for companies who need to free much-needed warehouse space immediately.

b. Off-Site Consignment

We will sell them on your behalf through our global network in a consignment arrangement. Once receiving the excess,our specialist will make a complete record  of  your excess inventory.All of the divided into boxes, marked with your company code, and stored in the consignment area of our warehouse.

We will re-market your excess inventory using our worldwide database that reaches every corner of the world., producing cash from redundant stock.

Once an acceptable bid is made on your excess electronics and the product is sold, we will ship the parts to the customer. All percentages of return on product are  negotiable and are determined by the value of the product involved,and will be process after every selling .

c. On-Site Consignment

This program works great if you have the warehouse space available to keep your excess inventory on site.

We will then use our worldwide database to selling your excess inventory to get you the highest return possible. Once an offer is accepted you will ship and bill us  directly.

d. A mixture of the three programs.

* We can buy your EXCESS, remit payments and arrange for shipping, within 48 hours.

*Upon request  Vanceer Electronincs ensures your anonymity by removing any identifying material bearing your company name or logo.

 Now Email Your Excess Stocklist<>

Home > Technical Support
Technical Support

Welcome to Vancerr Electronics Technical Support page.

In an effort to provide advanced long-term support solutions to all of our customers, we also offer the following value-added technical services:

Packing Service

 a.Tape & Reel



 d.Lead Formation & Crimping

We provide a full range of packaging services, governed by the size and configuration of your component, strictly observing the requirements of EIA-481 Standard and performing in an ESD safe handling work environment to make sure your products are produced and delivered in a right condition with international standards.


Program Service

Our expert engineering staff can help you to accomplish your creative program items, and also provide full testing services for most programmable devices after the units are programmed with the user’s specific program. This unique test capability can highly reduce residual defect rates by providing fault-graded functional, AC, and DC testing of the customers' unique design.

Logistics services

We are glad to provide a wide range of logistics services and expertise to our global customers, without you having to maintain global teams and locations.Regardless of where you are, from where the electronic components are coming, or where they are going, we can provide a one-stop solution for you, from transshipping, drop shipping, warehousing, pick and pack, and tracking services to a complete logistics solution.

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Home > QC laboratory
QC laboratory

Vanceer understands that electronic components are the most basic components of a product, and their quality level will have a critical impact on the stability and reliability of the whole system. Electronic component screening is a series of short-term environmental stress accelerated test and test technology, the entire batch of electronic components for non-destructive testing, to select the characteristics of qualified components or determine whether the batch of products qualified to receive, to improve the reliability of product use.

What is the importance of component screening? 

Electronic components are electronic components and electrical small parts of machines and instruments, which itself often consists of a number of parts, can be common in the same kind of products; often refers to electrical, radio, instrumentation and other industrial parts, such as capacitors, transistors, tour wire, clockwork and other sub-devices of the general term. Commonly, there are diodes and so on. Components are the basis of the whole machine, and the inherent reliability of electronic components depends on the reliability design of the product, which may form time- or stress-related failures in use due to its inherent defects in the manufacturing process or improper control of the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the reliability of the whole batch of components, electronic components should be installed on the whole machine, equipment before, we should try to have early failure of the components to exclude as much as possible, for this purpose, we have to screen the components.

The inherent reliability of electronic components depends on the reliability design of the product. In the manufacturing process of the product, due to human factors or fluctuations in raw materials, process conditions and equipment conditions, the final product may not all reach the expected inherent reliability. In each batch of finished products, there are always some potential defects and weaknesses in some of the products. These potential defects and weaknesses, under certain stress conditions, are manifested as early failures. The average life of components with early failure is much shorter than normal products. Therefore, the screening of components is very important and necessary.

Testing Service

1.Appearance Testing

Description: Appearance testing refers to confirming the number of chips received, the inner packaging, humidity indication, desiccant requirements and proper outer packaging. Next, the appearance of individual chips is inspected, mainly including: the typing of the chip, the year, the country of origin, whether the chip is recoated, the state of the pins, whether there are re-polishing traces, unknown residues, and the location of the manufacturer's logo.

Application scope: According to the relevant testing standards, determine whether the chip is brand new, whether it is refurbished, whether the pins are tinned, oxidized, etc.

2.Solderability test

Description: According to the test standard of the solderability test, this test mainly detects whether the solderability of the chip pins is up to standard.

Solderability test purpose and significance:

a. Solderability test is generally used to make a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the solderability of components, printed circuit boards, solder and flux. In the assembly and soldering process of electronic products, the solder quality directly affects the quality of the whole machine. Therefore, in order to improve solder quality, in addition to strict control of process parameters, scientific solderability testing of printed circuit boards and electronic components is required.

b. By implementing the solderability test, we help companies to determine the goodness of the solderability and the quality of the products after production and assembly. In practical operation, it further enriches the technical means of solderability testing of printed circuit boards and other components, clarifies the intrinsic factors affecting solderability, and gives great help to technical engineers in the manufacturing industry to improve product quality and zero-defect soldering processes.

3.Slicing Test

Description: Cross-section, X-section, is one of the most common means of sample preparation and analysis to observe the cross-sectional structure of a sample. It is commonly used in PCB/PCBA, parts and other manufacturing industries for quality determination and quality abnormality analysis, inspection of circuit board quality, PCBA soldering quality inspection, finding the causes of failure and solutions, evaluating process improvement, and as a basis for objective inspection, research and judgment, and is also one of the common means of chip failure analysis.

4.Chemical uncapping

Description: Open cover (unsealing) is mainly used to corrode the package on the surface of the chip, check whether there is a wafer inside, the size of the wafer, the manufacturer's logo, the copyright year, the wafer code, can determine the authenticity of the chip. Applications: Verification of chip authenticity and failure analysis, etc.

5.Failure analysis

Failure analysis significance:

a. Provide the basis for electronic component design and process improvement, and guide the direction of product reliability work.

b. Identify the root cause of electronic component failure, and effectively propose and implement reliability improvement measures.

c、Improve the finished product yield and reliability, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

d、Define the responsible party for causing product failure, and provide the basis for judicial arbitration.

The types of components analyzed: integrated circuits, field-effect tubes, diodes, light-emitting diodes, transistors, thyristors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, relays, connectors, optocouplers, crystal oscillators and other active/passive devices.

 Main failure modes (but not limited to: open circuit, short circuit, burnout, leakage, functional failure, electrical parameter drift, non-stationary failure, etc.

6.X-Ray inspection

Description: For the chip can not be directly detected by the appearance of the location, the use of X-Ray penetration of different densities of material and its different light intensity changes, the resulting contrast effect can form an image, you can show the internal structure of the object to be tested, and thus achieve the chip internal defects without damaging the sample to be tested, nowhere to hide.

7.Ultrasonic scanning

Description:Using ultrasonic pulses to detect the presence of voids / delamination / cracks inside the sample

8.Ambient Temperature Testing


1, ambient temperature test, simulate all kinds of extreme environment has many effects on the product, such as reliability, oxidation, chemical changes, thermal diffusion, electromigration, metal migration, melting, vapor deformation, etc. Usually every 10 ℃ rise in the surrounding environment, the product life will be reduced to a quarter; when the ambient temperature rises 20 ℃, the product life will be reduced by half, the product life follows "10 ℃ rule", thus the high temperature test as a super common test, used for the screening of components and the whole machine, reliability test, life test, accelerated life test, while playing an important role in the verification of failure analysis.

2, similarly, low temperature also has many effects on the product, such as embrittlement, icing, viscosity increase, curing, control of mechanical strength and physical shrinkage, etc. The low temperature test is used to assess the adaptability of the product for storage and use in low temperature environment, and is commonly used in the development stage of the product type test, component screening test, etc.

9.Electrical performance test

Description: According to the electrical characteristics of the component specifications, the use of semiconductor test equipment through static, open circuit, short circuit parameters to detect whether the chip is bad or damaged.

QC Process:

1.Submit an application

2.System Preliminary Review

3.Sending samples

4.QC Inspection

5.Issuance of reports

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Calculating the price of PCB

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, We have advanced PCB factories and new equipment, which can manufacture various types of PCBs, flexible, hard, multilayer circuit boards, etc

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